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Alternative Cars Ltd. MG Kit Car

The TG Sports has used the attractive appearance of the 1955 MG TF sports car as its base. To allow comfort and safety in the 21st century driving arena several subtle changes have been made, but none which compromise the overall beauty of the MG TF .

The T G Sports car is constructed on a professionally engineered and built chassis using section steel as its main members. The strength of this chassis will withstand the strain of today motoring and, while appearing to be over designed, offers passengers both comfort and safety. Side intrusion doors are standard items.

The suspension, running gear and braking systems are all Mazda Miata MX5, and this being unmodified offers the driver tried and true driving characteristics. With the TG Sports being the same weight as the Mazda Miata MX5 the power to weight ratio is the same as the donor sports car.

Remember the TG Sports has “Traditional styling” but the modern mechanicals give the best of today’s motoring.
As accessories we offer English burr walnut dashboard, leather upholstery, cut pile carpet plus many other extras.
Our dedicated and highly skilled tradesmen, have been assembling fine motor vehicles for 20 years and are continually striving for excellence and perfection.

Beneath the spectacular finish of high gloss curves is the work day reality of a modern motorcar.
The TG Sports is not a kitcar in the true sense of the word but is a SBV ( Semi Built Vehicle). The total body is pre assembled, and fastened to the custom made chassis. As an optional extra we will even paint your car to the colour of your choice.

The vehicle is delivered to you in a crate. Top and sides are then removed and the chassis is put on axle stands. The floor of the crate is removed and the build begins with the addition of the Mazda Miata MX5 mechanicals.All the Mazda parts are bolted straight on to the chassis and should take only a few days to complete, depending if a mechanic is assisting.

For the average home handyman it should take 2 weeks, again depending on time available, and competence. (often called common sense) The total package is delivered to you in a crate. All international freight is pre paid.


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