Cape Fear 7 Kit Car

The Cape Fear 7 Miata Kit Car is a replica of the famous Lotus 7. Made in North Carolina the Cape Fear 7 uses your Mazda Miata (1990-2005) as the donor. This Locost 7 Miata kit car seems to come in several packages depending on your needs. I have taken the first two packages from their website to give you an example of pricing and what is included.

CapeFear7 Front

Starter Kit
– Base Frame
– No suspension mounts or any other parts
– Subframe mounting frame is included (Tubes Only)
– Fiberglass front and rear fenders. Single piece hood.
$4500 plus shipping, crating and sales tax

Basic Kit
– All suspension mounting points welded in, as are forward firewall, steering mounts, motor mounts, and rear subframe mounts.
– Fiberglass front and rear fenders. Single piece hood.
– Floor, sides, rear, and aft firewalls
– New shorter drive shaft
– longer steering shaft
– Single or double roll bar
– Fuel tank
– Exhaust pipe from header to tip. Muffler included
– All fasteners need to complete the vehicle
$7,000 plus shipping, crating and sales tax.

CapeFear7 back

I have reached out to Cape Fear 7Ā  to see if they are still producing this Miata Kit Car, if pricing is correct, etc. As of today I have not heard back from them. I will update this post if/when I hear back.

CapeFear7 Side

1632 North Kerr Avenue
Wilmington, NC 28405