Healy Enigma Miata

I really do not know much about the Healy Enigma Kit Car. I sent an email to the company for additional information and at this time I have not received a response. I will say its a great looking car that can utilize all Miata years. The Car is from the UK and the prices are as follows…

healy enigma front

MK1 – £6,250 (Approx $9700US)
BASE CAR: MAZDA MX5 MK1 – 1.6 & 1.8, MAZDA EUNOS MK1 – 1.6 & 1.8, MAZDA MIATA MK1 – 1.6 & 1.8
MK2 – £6,500 (Approx $10,000US)
BASE CAR: MAZDA MX5 MK2 1.6 & 1.8 & 2.5, 1998 – 2005
MK3 – £6,750 (Approx $10,500US)
BASE CAR: MAZDA MX5 MK3, 1.8 & 2.0, 2005 – CURRENT

Healy Enigma side

The kits feature the following…

Chassis: Substantial space frame design, constructed of square section steel finished in two-pack chassis black. Bulkhead: Steel construction front and rear with locating frame for fuel tank.
Mountings: Pre-drilled and tapped in the chassis, marked on body panels ready for drilling.
Body: Constructed from GRP glass fibre with coremat layer to provide additional strength with a gelcoat finish. Panels: Front and rear body tub, screen frame, bonnet, boot lid, side skirts, doors, rear valence, grille moulding, inner panel sections.
Fixings: Full set of windscreen and door brackets, bonnet hinges and chassis to body brackets.
Transmission: Standard MX-5 manual or automatic
Suspension: Mazda MX-5 front and rear double wishbones Brakes: Mazda MX-5 front and rear disks with ABS
Fuel Tank: Mazda MX-5 tank and sender unit Electrical: Mazda MX-5 wiring loom, ECU and ancillaries
Body: Glass Reinforced Plastic (GRP) Windscreen: Mazda MX-5.
Hood: Mazda MX-5 frame and material hood skin. Drain channel outlets built into body sections. Lighting: Front Headlights: BMW Mini, Rear Lighting: Nissan Micra or bespoke LED.
Interior: Mazda MX-5 dashboard, door cards, seats, switchgear.

healy Enigma rear

You can check out there website here http://www.healydesigns.co.uk/

We just wanted t update you on the Healy Enigma. This great looking Miata kit car is available in the US . The US website is http://enigmacarsusa.com/ . Judging by the phone number on the website the US office is based in California.