Kokopelli Lotus 11

The KOKOPELLI 11 as of 9/8/2015 is not in production but I decided to make this post because the former owner did tell me that another party does have all the production equipment to produce it and would forward my info to them. As of 10/5/2015 I have not received my request for information.

KOKOPELLI 11 Miata Kit Car Side

The KOKOPELLI 11 is kit car that was produced by Tom Rodgers and utilized both the Miata or MG as a donor car. Several other small block options where available. It was based on a 1950s lotus

KOKOPELLI 11 Miata Kit Car Interior

The Stage 1 kit for the Miata was $13,500 and included the frame, body, and various other parts needed to complete the car.

KOKOPELLI 11 Miata Kit Car Engine

If we get any additional information from the new owner we will update this page.