Monster Miata 427

This is the Monster Miata “427 Kit Car. I am hesitant to post info on this car mainly because there really is no information out there about it online. The info that is on their website is pretty much nothing. The only contact info listed on the website is a PO Box.

Monster Miata Cobra Kit Car Front

From the few photos out there, this Miata Kit Car does seem to be of good quality.  From what I can find the base kit is/was $8,995.00 plus crating, shipping, etc. A 1990-1997 Miata will be used at the donor and it is said that an average builder can assemble this Miata Kit Car to be ready for paint in 1 week.

Monster Miata Cobra Kit Car Rear

We would love to be able to provide more information but as of now this is all we have. If you know the company that builds this have they send us an email and let us know more about it.

Monster Miata ‘427’
P.O. Box 58284
Seattle ,WA 98138 USA
(253) 221-0312