Renew Sports Cars

Well this is different. The Renew Sports Cars is a Miata Based Kit Car made of HEMP! No that was not a typo. Renew Sports Cars has created an attractive looking kit car using plant based material which is said to be as strong as steel and lighter than fiberglass.

Renew Sports Cars Side

I have to be honest. I do not know anything about this company other than what I have read on their website. From what they say “Renew designs and manufactures exotic, “Ultra-Low Carbon Footprint” (ULCF) Sports Cars. Our manufacturing processes are as close to carbon neutral as is presently possible . . . resulting in very green cars. In addition only a limited number of these hand made hemp cars will be built in 2015.

Renew Sports Cars Front

The Renew Sports Car uses a 1990-1997 Mazda Miata Chassis as the donor. The kit price is a whopping $19,500 or you can opt to have them build the car using your donor car for $37,000 .

If you are into the “Green” movement and have money to burn this car might be an option for you. It is not horrible looking but I am not sure that it will ever really catch on

Key West, FL

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