S2 Racing Miata Cobra

While this S2 Racing Miata Cobra Body Kit does not really fit in the Miata Kit Car factory is does have the feel of an iconic 1960s car. This company is located in Japan and as of the time of my writing this blog post I am not really sure if there is a us distributor or if they will ship these to the USA.

S2 Racing Miata Kit Car Front

These body panels are available for the NA (1989-1997) and NB (1998ā€“2005) Mazda Miata

S2 Racing Miata Kit Car rear

Doing a currency conversion I have put together what the parts that make up this kit are in USD . These prices may not be accurate so please just use these as an estimate.

Front Bumper – $440.00
Headlight & winker kit – $415.00
Bonnet – $400.00
Clubman short Bumper – $415
Clubman triple tail kit – $400

S2 Racing Miata Kit Car side

Update: I have contacted www.rev9autosport.com/ and they distribute the front cobra bumper from S2. The cost is $549.99 for the front bumper and it is $700 to ship it via DHL. I reached out to them and they said they ship DHL because shipping by boat takes to long and because of the size, the bumper is prone to damage. I still think this a a great conversion for someone who wants something a bit different for their miata.