Simpson Design

Simpson design is no stranger to the Mazda Miata kit car. They have a full line of Italian inspired offerings that are all available in Turnkey form.

Simpson Design specializes in designing and producing unique experiences for the discerning driver. They have been in business since 1978. Their business got its start in Texas and is now in the Pacific Northwest.

Simpson Design creates driveable concept cars on reliable platforms like the Mazda Miata, with readily available parts and maintenance that won’t break the bank. They sell aconcept cars that spend more time on the road and less in the garage. If you’re driving one, you won’t need to pick it out in a parking lot. In fact, chances are you may never see another one on the road.

While at one time they offered kits of some of these great cars, as of today they offer them in turnkey form only. This allows the team at Simpson Design the ability to create you the most amazing Miata Kit Car for your money, and with the custom options you want.

As of 2015 their lineup is as follows.

Simpson Design Manta Ray

Manta Ray – Built on the first Generation or NA Mazda Miata, the completed kit car is lighter than they Mazda Miata and offers amazing styling. The rebody consists of 7 composite panels – a one-piece front end, hood, door skins, rear body, trunk lid and air deflector. The one-piece front body bolts in place with no cutting or welding of the Miata’s structure. Hood and trunk lid bolt to the original factory hinges. Structural adhesive bonds the door panels and one piece rear body. Turnkey pricing on your Mazda Miata start at $15,500.

Simpson Design Italia Classic

Italia Classic – The Italia comes in several different trim levels including the Italia Classic (Convertible) and the Italia Classic GTB. These are both built on a first Generation or NC Mazda Miata. In addition Simpson Design also has the tooling to create the Italia Classic GTC . Prices for this Mazda Miata Kit Car start at $14,400.

Simpson Design Italia 2 Miata Kit Car

Italia II – The Italia II Kit Car is build on the second Generation or NB Mazda Miata. The Italia II Series are not based on any specific production cars but are inspired by the classic 1960 Italian styling. Also in this lineup are the Italia II GTB, GTC, and GTO. These great cars start at just $14,900 USD built on your car. A variety of options are available to suit your imagination

Simpson Design Italia Miata Kit Car

Italia III – This car is nothing short of amazing. While it does utilize the third Generation or NC  Mazda Miata the Italia III Cannot be called a kit car. This car takes its inspiration from the Pininfarina Ferrari 250 SWB. Many hand made parts and months of labor are involved in completing one of these cars. Pricing for this car starts at $95,000 on your excellent condition Mazda Miata


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