Widow Sports Cars SP1

The Widow Sports Cars SP1 is the brainchild of Wayne Blackwell. The idea behind the car is to create an easy to build, great looking sports car on the Mazda Miata Chassis while giving it a production car feel. The Widow Sports Car SP1 uses a 1990-1997 Miata as the donor car and the panels are direct bolt on. You can even choose between a Coupe or Targa Version .This car really can be built in a short amount of time in a small garage, driveway, or carport with tools you already have laying around. It does require a little bit of cutting to the tail light area to make room for the new lights but its nothing difficult.


The kit is comprised of the following…

COUPE Version
Front wings and nose cone one piece.
2 Side Sills
2 Door skins
Rear Clamshell
Mounting panels
Rear Screen made from plexiglass
2 quarter windows made from plexiglass

The Targa version includes all you see above but also has a targa roof section.

Best part about these type of kits is a lot of the parts you take off your miata donor car can easily be sold to offset the cost of the kit.

Landline: 01245 467738
Mobile: 07538 477572

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